04 octubre 2010

transcripciones: Jonas Mekas

I dont want to argue with you because you are having tough time right now. I know tough times will end and you´ll be ok one way or other but i want to say something about you talking about my CAREER. Fuck the career! I never cared about it, I dont need it. I dont even know what it means to have a CAREER! I am a maker. A film-maker. I make things. All the way from my childhood. I made it and I am making it, and will keep making it, and nobody including YOU can stop me or really help me. I am a making machine. And I am not interested in career. I just keep making things. And they don´t sell. If anybody is tryin to sell them and will eventualli i think to sell them its OK for them, but I dont give a fuck for it. So dont talk to me about career or helping me. You can not help me And I do not NEED help! I am too deep in it already. You can help yourself but not me. Because I dont need it!!! Angels are the only ones who are really helping me and that´s enough for me. Any museum or gallery that wants to show my work, I will cooperate with them and wish them good luck. But I dont really need them!!! I will do anything from friends. I believe in friendships. So if I work with you, or anyone else, I will work only out of friendship, but not because of CAREER, and I can not explain it why, whenever I hear that word, I hear the word CEMETERIES. ... so dont talk me about career!!"


Jonas Mekas en La Enana Marrón

* Carta extraida de Another Book (Hans-Peter Feldmann) 2010, Koening Books

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Fuck the career!