06 marzo 2012

Transcripciones: Mekas, la mirada fragmentada.

"There was a tree in Central Park that i wanted to film. I really liked that tree, and keep filming at the very beggining - when i began. And then i look on the viewer and it´s not the same. It´s just a tree standing there: It´s Boring.
And then I began filming the tree in little fragments: I fragmented; I condensed... and then you can see the wind in; then you can see some energy in it. Then it become something else. Ah, that´s more interesting! That´s my tree! That´s the tree that i like, not just a tree that is naturalistic and boring, not what i saw in that tree when i was looking.
I m trying to get why I´m looking at what I´m filming, why I´m filming it, and How I´m filming it. The style reflects what i film... I´m trying to understand myself, what i do... I´m totally ignorant of what I´m doing. "

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