07 noviembre 2012

The image and the event- Antonioni

"A filmmaker is a man like any other; and yet his life is not the same. Seeing is for us a necessity. For a painter too the problem is one of seeing: but while for the painter it is a matter of uncovering a static reality, or at most a rhythm that can be held in a single image, tor a director the problem is to catch a reality which is never static, is always moving toward or away from a moment of crystallization, and to present this movement, this arriving and moving on, as a new perception. It is not sound-words, noises, music. Nor is it a picture-landscape, attitudes, gestures. Rather it is an indivisible whole that extends over a duration of its own which determines its very being. At this point the dimension oftime comes into play, in its most modern conception. It is in this order of intuition that the cinema can acquire a new character, no longer merely figurative. The people around us, the places we visit, the events we witness-it is the spatial and temporal relations these have with each other that have a meaning for us today, and the tension that is formed between them.(...)"

 the image and the event- Antonioni

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